2013-2007 Untitled (disappear darkroom) A-B; VIDEO

Untitled (disappear darkroom, Version B), 2013, exterior/interior views. 
Translocura exhibit, curator John Jota Leaños, Headlands Center for the Arts.

Untitled (disappear darkroom) installed at 21 Grand Gallery Artspace, Oakland, CA, 
in partnership with OFF Space, Ruptures, Nov. thru Dec. 2010   

Interior/exterior views of prototype, 2007
right lower photo segment by JD Beltran w/permission/rights©2009.

Marya Krogstad's "Untitled (Disappear Darkroom)" also reminds us of our own mortality. 
She constructed a booth where one sits and contemplates their own image in a large mirror as the light wanes, which then causes your eyes to see an afterimage around your silhouette.
It's akin to experiencing a live photograph, and almost like seeing your ghost.  All at once, you are reminded of your presence, inevitable absence, and the fleeting nature of memory.

These images are of me sitting in Marya Krogstad's Untitled (Disappear Darkroom),
watching myself disappear into nothing but an aura. From SFGate, JD Beltran, Vernissage

"I can adjust the period for the light to fade, etc....I love when you are out in the wilderness, dusk, when the light fades and everything (your vision) shifts to grainy black and white..." Marya Krogstad, 2007